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    1. Business Reply
      June 21, 2017

      Great speed tool. It’s very accurate and fast analyzing. It did help me to determine that my house is not suitable for any VoIP services as my internet line is very slow and the jitter is very large. My house are a little bit outskirt I would say. So this tool help me to decide not to go with a Voip service. For now, I’ll just stick back to my cell phone even though sometimes there’s no connection or coverage. Ya, I know it’s sucks!

    2. Business Reply
      June 20, 2017

      Clean and easy to use website. The speed tool is very accurate and it does help to decide whether my isp is up to the voip requirements. Not much of choices when it comes to the voip providers but I believe all are carefully selected. At least I had heard their names so I would say its a pretty much reliable recommendation after all.

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    Business Description

    A VoIP review and discussion site. A VoIP speed test tool available for free as well for better informed purchased decision if the users decide to sign up with any of the recommended merchant. To check if your speed are up to VoIP requirement to have a quality and reliable call.