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    Business Description

    Ufiit was created to give people an alternative to the idea and belief that “no pain no gain” is the only way to succeed.
    We are bombarded with fads and gimmicks that emphasize the ideology of “killing” and disrespecting our bodies. We are continuously coaxed into believing its our fault that when we fail in our journey to become fitter, better, healthier and look great. What if we are set up to fail before we even start? What if one size doesn’t fit all? What if we aren’t all the same? And what if these fads and gimmicks create more confusion and complexities that cause us to blame ourselves for why we fail? Is it possible that we are continuously and delibrately being mislead, misinformed, misguided and tricked? Are we just money making tools and fools? If these fads and gimmicks really do work wht have there been hundreds of them in the last 20yrs for example? And if they trully work why do we still have millions of people struggling with weightloss, fitness, wellness, body image, self-image and self-esteem? Ufiit is a simple resource for people who are tired of failing, for people who are sick or fads and set-up of following gimmicks. It’s a platform that focuses on real issues, solutions, specific answers, discussions, unique exercises and fitness routines that are created for the individual body types that we all fall under. And overall http://www.Ufiit.com was created because there is a need for you to know how to Respect Your Body.