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    1. Business Reply
      Dr. Mexico / Tijuana Dentist & Medical Center
      February 21, 2017

      I found the offices of Dr Mexico to be clean, modern and skillfully staffed. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Mexico based on a diagnosis by two USA dentists. Both USA dentists had diagnosed the tooth incorrectly as it turned out. Ultimately, Dr Mexico was unable to correct my issue and I returned home and will have the tooth extracted in Sacramento. I do not fault Dr Mexico for my unfortunate outcome.

    2. Business Reply
      Dr. Mexico / Tijuana Dentist & Medical Center
      February 14, 2016

      Went in for removal of mercury amalgam filling and replacement with composite. My tooth ended being broken and needed a crown. Alejandra was my dentist, and she was very professional and explained everything in perfect english. My new crown feels great, and it was much less expensive than in the U.S! They pick up and drop off at the border! Thanks Dr. Mexico!

    3. Business Reply
      Dr. Mexico / Tijuana Dentist & Medical Center
      August 20, 2014

      I was very happy with the work done here. I can give them a very high recommendation.

    4. Business Reply
      Dr. Mexico / Tijuana Dentist & Medical Center
      February 22, 2014

      I admit I have been very neglectful when it comes to my teeth, but you can’t really blame it since I don’t have much money to pay for its care and more so for the treatment. I had initially consulted an American dentist who told me that some of my teeth needed new crowns while others required dental implants, but he also mentioned I would be spending more than a thousand dollars! I can’t just afford them.

      I was already losing my self-confidence since I couldn’t smile properly anymore. But thankfully I found out about the clinic. I called them up and gracious Arnulfo then scheduled me for an appointment with Dr. Miyano, who was just one of the best dentists I had ever met. Going back and forth was so convenient since Arnulfo arranged the pickup and transfer service on my behalf. I was so incredibly happy with the service I decided to tell all my friends about them, and they were just as eager to check the clinic out.

    5. Business Reply
      Dr. Mexico / Tijuana Dentist & Medical Center
      February 9, 2014

      I have to say that I was a skeptic prior to my appointment and treatment in Tijuana Dental Art Center. You know how the media plays it out: Mexico is dangerous. That’s how it’s been for a very long time. It didn’t help that most of the violent gangs here in the city are made up of young Mexicans! But I needed more affordable dental work, so I decided to see how it will go. I was browsing through Google until I found the website of the clinic. I called the number listed, but no one picked up. Perhaps it’s because it’s already past office hours. But I was allowed to leave a message, which I did.

      I had actually forgotten about what I did until I received a call quite early in the morning. He introduced himself mentioned that he received my message. While listening, I was quite surprised since he spoke in very clear English with hardly any accent. Communication therefore was so easy with him. Anyway, he asked me if I would like to set up an appointment, and I thought, “Well, I already made the first step. Perhaps I should just continue it.” I said yes and I was scheduled over next few days.

      The experience was really great. After crossing the border, I found the clinic within 15 minutes. I was very impressed with the customer care and the overall look of the clinic. In fact, it appears much better than most clinics in the United States!

      I went there a couple more times since many things had to be done with my teeth. I spent most of my time with Dr. Miyano, who was extremely professional and gentle. He took care of me so well that sometimes I found myself falling asleep on the chair.

      Overall, my experience with the clinic changed my perception of Mexico, or at least Tijuana, completely.

    6. Business Reply
      Dr. Mexico / Tijuana Dentist & Medical Center
      January 29, 2014

      I have been treated by both U.S. and Mexican dentists, and I can honestly say that I had better experience with the latter, which sometimes surprised a lot of people. That’s understandable since more often than not we believed that anything from the U.S. is the best quality. Perhaps in my case, it wasn’t so. For example, when I needed a crown, I first went to see a U.S. dentist who worked on it charging me with a hefty amount of money. However, I needed to have it redone only after two years. I went to a Mexican dentist this time, and guess what, the redone lasted 4 times the length of the original work. When my family and I moved to California, I was happy because it meant getting dental care treatment in Mexico will be easy, and I wasn’t wrong. The Tijuana Dental Art Clinic is only a few minutes from the border.

    7. Business Reply
      Dr. Mexico / Tijuana Dentist & Medical Center
      December 14, 2013

      I have a fantastic time in the clinic. Arnulfo and the rest of the front desk people were very attentive and caring. The dentists were equally awesome. When I was at the clinic, I didn’t feel any tension at all, which I think is very important. I went to the clinic in Tijuana, by the way, to have my teeth whitened. It’s just a simple procedure, but it will cost me about three times if I had it done in the United States, and I can’t trust home kits. I am planning to go back next year for other types of dental work.

    8. Business Reply
      Dr. Mexico / Tijuana Dentist & Medical Center
      December 5, 2013

      I visited the clinic last October 26, 2013, and I was attended to by Dr. Nubia Jimenez, who was very excellent and caring. She took away my fear of getting the right dental care. I also like the idea that I really don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a holiday in Mexico. For example, I can already save a huge amount with transport. I can just ride a trolley that takes me all the way to the border. Then I get down and go through the pedestrian path. In less than 30 minutes, I can already find myself in the clinic.

      They were also very accommodating and helpful. When I encountered a minor issue with the work, they redid it with no extra cost and as soon as possible.

    9. Business Reply
      Dr. Mexico / Tijuana Dentist & Medical Center
      November 28, 2013

      It’s Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., and I thought of sending this e-mail to you, Arnulfo, as a way of saying thank you for all the help you did for me. You were just so great, and I definitely felt I was taken care of properly. I got more than my money’s worth. The dentures are holding on very well, and they don’t feel awkward at all. I already have a great bite, which is nice since there’s plenty of food around today as well as over the holiday season. See you and the rest of the team next year.

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    Dr. Mexico in Tijuana Mexico specializes in dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry. Read reviews by patients who went to Tijuana for Mexico dental tourism.