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Stone & Building Ltd

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      Stone & Building Ltd
      May 19, 2017

      Not only were were impressed with Stone & Building’s selection and customer service, what really stuck out in our minds was the high quality slabs they had in stock. We hard time deciding because everything looked so beautiful, but we eventually opted for a granite worktop for our kitchen. Everything was customized and the installation service was excellent. We love the look of our new kitchen!

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    Business Description

    Who we are

    Stone & Building Ltd is a company present in Great Britain since 2005, but with much longer experience in manufacturing a wide variety of stone elements used indoors and outdoors.

    What we do

    As one of UK’s top specialist in stone and solid surface worktops, we aim to provide a full template, supply and installation of our service.

    Our way of working

    The whole process begins with consultation. We guarantee professional help based on many years’ experience. One of our experts will listen to your expectations, advice the best option, will also help to

    choose the best stone to achieve a dream result for your project.

    Measuring up/Templating

    A template is an exact copy of the worktop you will receive. By making templates we are absolutely sure that your worktop will fit and at the same time it helps us to make sure we can deliver to your

    expectation. Templating is also time to discuss and agree all details of your worktop.Our team is equipped with professional tools to make the template fast, precisely and without any mistakes.


    Once we have templated your worktops, the next stage in their journey to become worktops is fabrication in our factory.

    Our fabricators will trace the template shape and cut it out from the slab. Once all elements are cut our fabricators polish the edges of every stone piece they work with.

    Those pieces could be anything from natural stone slabs to engineered stone like Silestone. We use a large saw and a handheld edge polisher to accomplish their task.


    Our installation team has passed demanding courses to ensure that every one of our representatives who installs your worktops is trained to the very highest standards.

    Our installation engineers will install the granite worktop to perfection, ensuring that all your kitchen units and plugs are not affected.

    Worktop installation usually takes 3-5 working days after templating.