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Shepherd Thoughts | Get Widest Range of Sacred Thoughts and Biblical Resources

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    Business Description

    At Shepherd Thoughts, we have the widest collection of Christian blog, Christian podcast, and pastor’s blog for the overall Christian growth and to cultivate the biblical viewpoint of lifestyle. Thomas Overmiller is the man behind Shepherd Thoughts who serves as a father and a husband. He is the shepherd at Faith Baptist Church, New York City.

    If you have ever experienced the most dreadful moment in your life when you feel almost depressed due to serious loss or injury, you should take the path of Jesus Christ with various Bible study topics available at Shepherd Thoughts. We have the whole new testaments that present you with the doctrine of resurrection. We also have videos to lift up your mind with the praise to god and rejoice the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have the complete Bible study about the Jesus Christ and his post-resurrection appearances.

    Thomas Overmiller serves through teaching, preaching and counseling the desires by explaining the God’s Word carefully and by encouraging the wholehearted obedience and dependence upon the God and all the commands of Jesus Christ. According to him, the gospel can transform communities, families and lives. He leads a healthy and happy lifestyle.