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    1. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      October 14, 2017

      As an ER nurse I have been coming to Sam’s Dental for a number of years. I did extensive research on the best dentist in TJ and San’s was the clear choice. I cross the boarder alone with no concern and have taken my 86 year old mother who loved every minute of her trip to TJ and felt very safe. The dental work from Sam’s has been equal and higher to any work I have had done in the US (implants, multiple crowns). I highly recommend them.

    2. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      September 6, 2017

      This has to be the most professional place to get any Dental work done here in Tijuana,Mexico. The staff where the upmost profesional in all aspects of the visit. Had some work done to me. That was astronomical in the USA. We all know who the US based Dentist’s and Doctor’s work for the Insurance Company.They charge outrages prices because insurance company’s pick up the Bill.That leaves everybody without insurance or high premiums out to dry.You have absolutely nothing to worry about in this highly profesional Dental Clinic exept on how you will spend the money you are saving by getting quality work done here instead of In the USA.

    3. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      July 3, 2017

      The clinic at Sam Dental is located at a nice location not far from the international border. I have utilized Sam Dental clinic for several years for a variety of Dental treatments ranging from dental fillings, periodontics, endodontics and dental implants. The customer service and the quality of work from the Dental professionals at Sam Dental has been exceptional. I highly recommend Dr. Vianey Castellanos if she is available….she is an exceptional Healthcare practitioner and more importantly, she cares about the quality of her work and about the health of her patients.

    4. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      December 7, 2015

      I just completed a permanent bridge replacement
      This office is truly professional, and the dentist be considerate and especially detail oriented
      They are extremely accommodating and very affordable. Great discount for cash! I highly recommend Sam Dental!!?

    5. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      September 30, 2015

      In 3 visits, I’ve replaced all my silver fillings, had a tooth extraction as I didn’t want a root canal, and got 3 cavities fixed. These were taken cared of in a very expeditious manner. I’m pleased with the results and especially with the cost when compared to what my U.S. dentist wanted to charge. I will definitely go back for ALL my dental needs but will only see Gilberto, DDS. He was recommended by a friend and I’m so grateful I went to see him.

      My experience has always been great from beginning to end starting with my call to the gal as soon as I get to the border (via the trolley, it’s just easier! $5 round-trip) She. lets Hector know I’m crossing the border so he can come pick me up. I then put my phone on airplane mode to avoid getting any potential international roaming charges. I walk to the pickup point which seems a little far (15 min.) but I consider it my exercise for the day. If someone in your party is elderly (like my 88 year old dad when he comes with me) or handicapped, Hector is allowed to pickup where the taxis are. It’s much closer, you just have to let the gal know when you call to be picked up where the taxis are. Once at the air conditioned, clean clinic, Gilberto gets right down to business and I’m always surprised when he’s done, but he’s so efficient and knows what he’s doing!! I always pay in cash to get the 5% discount on top of there already discounted prices!! Hector takes me back to the border. He’s so nice and a pleasure to talk to.

    6. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      April 17, 2015

      I absolutely had a wonderful time there and felt totally , well greeted and also accommodated in the hotel that sam dental also gave me a discount in.. incredible..( a sam dental discount the gentleman said.). , at the dentist office, and by every person I came into contact with.. from the gentleman that transported me to and from dr Vasquez office , where I was also extremely pleased with him and his staff and up until I left I was treated very warmly by everyone and was given the best service.. I am sure to boast about sam dental .. and cant wait to get started.. I was given a plan of action also that is also affordable and was presented to fit my financial needs.. all of this was exactly what I had hoped for.. I didn’t know how it would be.. but I thought id try.. and I am very happy id did.. thank you sam dental..

    7. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      December 18, 2014

      Having suffered at the hands of a Bay Area dentist, and, having waited patiently for 2 years for a local dentist to rectify the horrendous mess I had been left in, I finally approached Sam Dental in Tijuana.
      Why had I waited ? These experts had my case and dental problems rectified in 2 days !!!
      Dr Aylema and her competant staff just got on with making me feel right with full function again. Hector the dental coordinator was a mine of helpfull information, and I was always kept informed of whats happening.
      I waited 2 years and a lot of thousands of dollars to be messed up in US.
      I waited 2 days for dental satisfaction.
      If your considering going here dont hesitate, just go !!

    8. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      November 15, 2014

      Dear Ceci, Dr. Castellanos, and all of the staff at Sam Dental. I just cant thank you enough for the treatment I received while I was there. I have had no pain at all, my appliances fit perfectly,and I have received so many complements on my new smile. It is with my greatest gratitude when I say Thank you just isn’t enough.

      Absolutely Amazing!!!!!! Thank you so much!

    9. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      November 3, 2014

      Being without dental insurance for about a year and a half now, a little while back my husband was in need of a dentist and found Javier at SamDental! BOY was he ever pleased with him!! (as well as with the entire office staff!) The service, from his experience, was just EXCELLENT in EVERY way!! ~~ something that I myself found to be more than true just a few weeks ago, as I had badly chipped both of my front teeth!! Javier has me now looking good as new!! ~~ I was VERY happy with him (and everyone connected with SamDental!! We will DEFINITELY return! Best experience possible! We both highly recommend this office (AND JAVIER!!!) THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Jeff and Thea

    10. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      August 2, 2014

      I had 8 zirconia crowns put on, and got a new smile that makes me look 10 years younger. I can’t say enough good things about the excellent service. They were very attentive. The clinic is absolutely spotless, and sterile. My dentist was the best.

    11. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      July 22, 2014

      There is a great dental team at Sam Dental in Tijuana, but Dr. Villa worked on me, and he was wonderful. I had had veneers placed on my front teeth 20 years ago, and I decided that it was time to get them replaced, because they were badly chipped. The bottom teeth had never been capped, and they were badly worn down. A dentist in UT told me that he couldn’t cap the bottom teeth, without capping all the lower teeth. He said this was because my bite needed to be built up. However, the cost was prohibitive. My brother had had a lot of dental work done at Sam Dental, and he helped me to go there. When Dr. Villa looked at my teeth, and examined my bite, he said that he could cap the front 6 teeth without having to crown the rest of the lower teeth. As a result, with 6 lower crowns, and 8 upper crowns, I was able to get the smile makeover that I wanted. The price I paid was just $5000. I am very happy with the price, and even happier with my new look. My teeth look great! It was worth the travel and the week off from work. Now, several of my friends are planning trips to Tijuana to get their teeth fixed.

    12. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      July 18, 2014

      Sam Dental in Tijuana made me look 10 years younger! I recommend Sam Dental to everyone. I am 72 years old, and was starting to look my age. A couple of years ago, my mother passed away and left me some property. We have never had an abundance of money, but after the sale of a house in Tampa, my sister and I decided we should do something for ourselves. We both were in great need of dental work. I wanted to get my stained and worn teeth in front capped, plus a couple of bridges to replace some missing teeth. My sister had already lost a lot of teeth, and had advanced periodontal disease. She needed to get the rest of her teeth extracted, but also wanted to get dentures that are held in place by dental implants. The prices listed on the website for Sam Dental were about a fourth of what we had been quoted in Florida, and so we decided to make the trip to San Diego, and then on to Tijuana. Most of our friends thought we were crazy, and warned of all kinds of violence. We were a little fearful, but the representative from the clinic, with whom who we talked, assuaged our fears. He had someone pick us up at the airport in San Diego, and arranged transportation for us to and from our Hotel. We stayed in the Grand Hotel in Tijuana, which is a 5 star hotel, for just $75 a night. The hotel is a very secure place. In fact at no time did we ever feel like we were in any risk of danger, and felt very safe and secure. The area where we traveled looks very nice and modern. Sam Dental itself is very clean and nicely decorated. The rooms where the dental chairs are located were a little smaller than we are used to seeing in the US, but they had modern equipment. It is more like going to a dental office in a small town. But everything was very clean, and seemed sterile. We had absolutely no complaints about the attention we received. My dentist was Dr. Vianey Castellanos, and she was very proficient and expert in the way she worked on me. All I can say is, I look at least 10 years younger than before. I have never had such a nice looking smile. My sister had to go to a different location, as she was getting dental implants. My sister was very impressed with him. He speaks perfect English, and was trained in the US. My sister’s treatment required a second trip to Tijuana, 4 months later, when the implants were ready. She got a full set of dentures with implants to hold them in place. She is very happy about the results, and looks great. We are grateful to have found Sam Dental, and appreciate the great attention we received.

    13. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      June 26, 2014

      I have always been very conscientious of my smile, and would actually try to cover my mouth . My sister is the one who was blessed with great teeth. I had a genetic flaw or something, as my teeth were crooked, and one of the bottom teeth stuck out and overlapped an upper one in the front. I felt that I looked like a bulldog, and had been called that as a kid. I am now 57 years old, and the thought of braces for a couple of years didn’t appeal to me. I should have had this done when I was younger, but money was always an issue. A dear friend of mine had come into a little money, and wanted to bless me. He had been a patient at Sam Dental in Tijuana, and knew that they did very good work, and were quite inexpensive. He arranged to meet me in San Diego, and took me on to Tijuana. There I received a full oral rehabilitation. Every tooth in my head was crowned. I am not sure how they did it, but I had to have two root canals to be able to re-angle the teeth that overlapped, and a couple of the very cooked teeth also had to have root canals. They told me it was so that they would not become super sensitive. But anyway, when they were done, and I looked in the mirror, I cried like a baby! I could not believe that it was me smiling back at myself in the mirror. My teeth were perfectly straight, as well as being nice and white. I actually got a Hollywood smile!! It was like a miracle. I am extremely grateful to Dr Castellanos who did the work on me, as well as to my benefactor. I don’t know how much he paid, except that it was considerable less than it would have been in the US. My experience at Sam Dental was a life changer.

    14. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      June 24, 2014

      I had a very huge oral problem, no thanks for not paying attention to my teeth for a very long time. So when it was time to have them checked and repaired, I had to face the truth that I had to spend a lot of money. I needed to have veneers, bridge, root canal, and cavity filling, not to mention bleaching and cleaning. When I talked to my dentist about my concerns, I was frustrated to learn that it would take them at least 2 months to complete everything. That’s definitely going to cost me a lot of money not to mention time. So I did my research and found out about Sam Dental. I arrived in Rosarito, where I stayed, so I can also enjoy my short Mexico holiday. Anyway, all of the treatments took only 3 days, and I spend less than half of the U.S. price. I am really happy with my decision.

    15. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      June 19, 2014

      My tooth problem started when I was still very young. I was one of those who had gap tooth. I know of many who are comfortable wearing them, but I wasn’t one of them. It always made me feel shy and unhappy. It felt I never really smiled often. I wanted to change that, but even if I was already working full time, I knew the cost was going to put a huge dent on my savings. A friend told me about trying a Tijuana clinic, so I burrowed through Google and found Sam Dental. I got my teeth veneered for less than $3,000, which was around 50% less than the previous quote I got from my U.S. dentist.

    16. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      June 14, 2014

      I received great service at Sam Dental! I live in Las Vegas, NV, and the prices for dentistry here are crazy. We had some friends who had actually gone to Sam Dental in the past, and they encouraged us to go to Tijuana for dental work. We both had a lot of stuff that needed to be fixed, so we drove the 7 hours to Mexico. Things are actually pretty nice in Tijuana. The city has a lot of modern buildings, and the area where we stayed, the Zona Rio, is very pretty. We stayed at the Lucerna Hotel, which is a wonderful place. The folks at Sam Dental are great. Jim, the patient coordinator, is an American, and he was very accommodating, and helpful in giving us information, not only about our dental treatments, but also to help us find places to go to buy some extra things we wanted to get while in Mexico. Our dental work turned out very nice. I had a couple of almost painless root canals, and we both had a smile make over. My wife looks fabulous! I look as good as a 65 year old could hope to look. I highly recommend Sam Dental in Tijuana. The prices were very good, and the dental work was great!

    17. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      June 12, 2014

      I couldn’t thank all of you enough! You made my stay there memorable and wonderful. In fact, you’ve taken care of me a lot better than my dentist here in the United States. I have no wonder why doctors have a lot of pride in what they do. You’re all good.

    18. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      June 9, 2014

      I had 3 root canals, that were virtually pain free. Also, a new smile with 8 crowns. I could not be happier with the result. The clinic is modern, and everything was super spotless and sterile. The part of Tijuana where the clinic is located is very nice and I felt very safe during my entire visit. The hotel Real del Mar is just 1/2 a block from Sam Dental, and was very comfortable.

    19. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      June 9, 2014

      I came to Sam Dental from Santa Cruz, California for top and bottom partials until I could save money for extensive implant and bridge work. I was very explicit regarding what II wanted done. Every question was answered patiently and in detail, from Ceci, the receptionist who was amazing and even arranged my motel stay, Oscar the driver and all around assistant who courteously helped every way he could, to Dr. Aylema Rodriguez Sanchez, whose knowledge and patience I have no words to do justice to. Even Abraham, the dental lab technician, and Jim, and Graciela, the owners, did everything humanly possible for me to leave a very satisfied and happy customer. I can attest that as a 63 year old female traveling alone I never had to worry about my safety and traveled extensively in public transit all over Tijuana. Use common sense, travel light, do not wear flashy gold jewelry and keep to yourself late at night, as any other place one might travel to and you will find Tijuana as safe as any place else. Here is to a beautiful smile.

    20. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      June 9, 2014

      I was pleasantly surprised with Sam Dental Tijuana. I was very nervous going in, but everything turned out really good. All my teeth were worked on, and I am very happy with the results. I am very glad with how they look, and with how I look! I am so pleased with the results. I look better than I have ever looked in my entire life. I highly recommend them to others.

    21. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      June 3, 2014

      To all the staff of Sam Dental, I couldn’t thank all of you enough. All of you have been very wonderful and have made me very comfortable, especially since I have never been to Mexico. When I walked into your office—wow! It’s incredible. And I instantly saw all the smile spaces of everyone in there. Everything just felt so light, which was very unusual for a dental office. The doctors were very pleasurable and easy to deal with. I never had to fear anything, and any miscommunication was avoided because they all spoke good English. I definitely had a memorable dental trip. Most of all, you helped me get my smile back, which is amazing. Can’t wait to recommend you to my friends.

    22. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      May 31, 2014

      The clinic is modern and immaculate. The dentists were very professional. My new crowns look very nice. I plan to return for a lot more work!

    23. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      May 31, 2014

      Service was perfect. Picked me up near the border on a few trips and even gave me a Fast Pass when I drove over the border. I enjoyed the service so much I even brought my Mother/Grandmother and had all her teeth done. Safe, friendly positive experience. I couldn’t say enough good things and everyone love my new smile!

    24. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      May 30, 2014

      I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and the cleanliness of the facility of Sam Dental of Tijuana. The dentists were very gentle and experienced. I had some crowns and veneers done. I know they do more extensive work than that even, as while waiting I had the opportunity to talk to other clients and hear about what they were having done.

      Both during and after, I experienced no pain or discomfort. I have had a lot of dental work done throughout my life, as I had to wear braces twice. I’ve experienced some problems with different procedures, and always felt some amount of pain except with them. The level of care they give is amazing. I plan on returning. I have already recommended them to friends and family.

    25. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      May 30, 2014

      Several months ago, I had an impacted wisdom tooth extracted, torus in my lower inner jaw removed, and after 6 weeks of healing, I was fitted with full dentures, both upper and lower. Many years ago I had been fitted with dentures in the US, but they were never comfortable and hurt to wear, so I gave up. It has now been two months since my new dentures we made, and I have finally been able to keep them in my mouth. I am VERY pleased with the results. Not only were the dentists at Sam Dental very skilled and conscientious, but they were as pain free as was possible. They did a very good job. I have already told many of my friends and family about them.

    26. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      May 29, 2014

      At first, it was my husband who had issues with his teeth. He’s already somewhat familiar with Tijuana dental treatment, so what he needed was to find a good clinic. After a couple of days of research, he found Sam Dental. Since his schedule was over the weekend and I didn’t have anything important to do, I decided to tag along. It was a good decision because, while he’s busy with having his crowns done, I also opted to have my teeth evaluated. It turned out I needed a bridge since I lost mine many years ago. He said it would cost me less than $700. I was shocked because my previous bridge already cost me close to $2,000. Nevertheless, I preferred to wait and see the work they did with my husband. The crown turned out great, so I didn’t spend a lot of time rethinking and went out for their bridge service.

    27. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      May 17, 2014

      Please take this as my review of your services: YOU ARE AWESOME!!! It’s not only the price or the service alone: the experience was great. I was surprised to see that some of your patients like you so much that they are willing to fly in from Texas! For the first time I enjoyed a visit to the dentist. Everyone was really helpful and made me feel like a I was the most important person in the world. In fact, I had to spend most of my day with them and it felt like visiting friends. Your dentists are great: talented professionals and not salespeople in lab coats, like so many dentists in LA, who would love to rebuild a mouth for the sake of it. I wish you the best, see you soon.

    28. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      May 17, 2014

      Sam Dental did a great Job on my teeth, and I saved a ton of money. Like a lot of people, I didn’t take very good care of my teeth when I was younger. I drank a lot of sodas, and didn’t brush and floss like I should. Now, after I have become an adult, I realize why my mom told me to brush my teeth every day. I wish I had paid attention to her, especially now that I have to pay for my own dental work. After years of neglect, I started having some tooth aches. I went to a local dentist, and although he was probably a higher priced clinic than some others, I was shocked when he told me that it was going to cost me $27,000 to fix my teeth. He even suggested that I take out a loan on the equity in my house to pay for it!! Even so, a less expensive dentist in Orlando, Florida, where I live, wanted $19,000, which was way more than I could afford to pay. I finally started researching on the internet and found the website of Sam Dental in Tijuana. I was surprised that they had all their prices listed on the website, and at first I couldn’t believe that they could be that much cheaper. I checked out what reviews I could find on the internet, and decided to go for it. I needed 5 root canals, a bunch of fillings, and 13 crowns. Obviously my mouth was a real mess. The total I paid was $5200. Even after figuring in the cost for travel and hotel, my total savings was almost $13,000 compared to the lesser expensive dentist in Florida. But I have to say that not only did I save a ton of cash, I don’t feel like I got an inferior product. My teeth look absolutely great, and the attention I received was better than any dentist I have ever had in the US. I tell all my friends about Sam Dental in Tijuana. It is definitely worth the trip.

    29. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      May 8, 2014

      I came all the way from Hawaii to get dental work done at Sam Dental. Where I live, on the Big Island, the cost of dentistry is crazy. I found Sam Dental on the internet, and booked a flight. First I want to say, I was impressed that they would pick me up at the airport in San Diego, and take me to the clinic. Also, they even made my hotel reservations, and made sure I got back and forth to the clinic for my appointments. The dentist did a great job. I had 14 veneers done, and am very pleased with how they turned out. I literally have a Hollywood smile, and am very proud to give an ear to ear grin! Dr Vianey Castellanos was my dentist, and I can’t say enough good things about her work. She is a real artist. The place was very clean, and they used modern equipment. Overall, I was extremely happy with my experience, and would like to recommend Sam Dental to anyone interested in finding a great dentist in Tijuana.

    30. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      May 7, 2014

      You know, when you’re getting older, you’re bound to experience some “tooth problems.” At 50, I am definitely not immune to them. Before I arrived at Sam Dental, I already had some enamel cracking and chipping. I didn’t have any more teeth on the side and at the front. That’s why I tend to become shy when I was asked to smile, so people thought I was just a regular moody old man. I wanted to get everything fixed, however, without spending a lot of money. I asked my secretary to do the research for me, and she presented me with 5. Of all of them, I was very much interested with Sam Dental. I thought, “Well, I haven’t gone to Mexico before,” and I read plenty of great reviews of the clinic. I went there, and sure enough, all their claims are true. I spent only a quarter for a 5-unit bridge, which can cost me thousands of dollars in the United States. All the doctors and staff are courteous, professional, skillful, and speak great English.

    31. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      April 25, 2014

      My wife and I required some dental treatment, but our insurance wasn’t enough, and we couldn’t afford paying for the other costs. So we opted to go to Tijuana instead. We were met with some opposition from friends and family who were concerned of our safety. We were initially scared too, but we believed it was the best choice given our lack of sufficient funds. Since we lived in Nevada, we stayed in California for a day before we crossed the border. When in Tijuana, we stayed in a cozy hotel that costs less than half of that in California, and they’re not really too different. It was close to Sam Dental, and every day we simply walked, and we didn’t feel any fear at all. The trip was uneventful except that we had great fun having our teeth fixed and enjoying Mexican culture even for a short time.

    32. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      April 22, 2014

      Great quality work should be rewarded. That is why I have written this review of Sam Dental in Tijuana. We traveled all the way from Tampa, Florida for a dental vacation. (As for the vacation part, we stayed in Los Pelicanos Hotel in Rosarito, where we enjoyed a room with a view of the beach for $60 a night, and ate incredible food, – on the days we could eat!!) Concerning the dental care we received, it was top notch. I had Dr. Aylema Rodriguez, who is an incredible dentist. My wife had Dr. Javier Villa, and she likewise was extremely happy. They were both very careful to not cause any more discomfort than what was inevitable. I have never had anyone who was so adept at giving me a shot of Novocain, and I couldn’t even tell when the needle actually went in. What really thrills us is the results. We went in for cosmetic dentistry, which involved crowning all of our front teeth. The difference in our smiles is like night and day. Words can’t express how grateful we feel to the staff of the clinic. We highly recommend Sam Dental in Tijuana. Sam Dental is the best clinic ever!

    33. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      April 14, 2014

      I want to post a positive review and recommendation for Sam Dental in Tijuana. I was in great need for some dental work, and because of the prices in Los Angeles, I could not even begin to afford it. The result has been a continual degeneration in my dental condition. I had heard a lot of positive things from friends who had gone to Mexico for dental work, and so I finally decided to try it. Since Tijuana is the closest place, I looked up dental clinics on Google, and that is how I found the website for Sam Dental. When I sent some e-mails to inquire, they were very prompt to respond. I finally called, and the girl who answered the phone seemed very well informed, and was full of information. I am an E.R. nurse, and so I was especially interested in what protocols they used for sterilization of used instruments, and after I asked her for that information, I was satisfied, so I booked an appointment. (After I got there, I looked around in the office, and checked it out, and was very satisfied that things are very clean and sterile).The information on the website, describing where to park near the border, and where to go was simple. I feel good that they would meet me at the border, and take me to the clinic. My dentist was Dr. Rodriguez. She was very professional, and was both attentive to detail and very gentle as she worked on me. I ended up needing 2 root canals, 6 crowns, and several filling. They use root canal specialist who was very good. When everything was done, after just 4 days, I was very happy with the result. My smile has been restored, and my wallet is still intact! The best apart, after getting top dental care, is the fact that all this cost me less than a third of what my local dentist quoted me.

    34. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      April 12, 2014

      Last year I came to Sam Dental for a smile makeover. I have always had terrible looking teeth, and it had been a dream to one day get a smile makeover. It was mainly just a dream, because the cost in the US was way beyond my means. I had a friend who had some dental work done at Sam Dental, and they gave it a very high recommendation. The prices at the clinic are less than a third of what is charged in Phoenix, which makes dental work much more accessible, but what I want to express is how pleased I am with the quality of the work. I can smile, for the first time in my life, and be proud of how I look, My teeth look great!!! I give Sam Dental very high marks for quality, as well as being so attentive. Besides that, the price is RIGHT!!

    35. Business Reply
      Sam Dental Tijuana
      January 16, 2014

      I have been coming to the dentist in Mexico, Sam Dental in Tijuana, for a couple of years now. I wanted to submit a review of my experiences, and to give my wholehearted recommendation of this dental clinic in Tijuana. I have been very happy with the level of service I have received, as well as the professionalism of the dentists in Mexico. Because the prices of dentistry in the US are so outlandish, I haven’t been able to afford getting my teeth fixed. The result is that when I came to the dentist in Tijuana, my mouth had been sadly neglected for many years. By the time I got to my Mexico dentist, I had major dental problems. A US dentist had given me an estimate of over 28,000. When I mentioned that I am now retired, and on a fixed income, the American dentist told me that I should consider getting a mortgage on my house! Fortunately, I found Sam Dental on the internet. When I called, and asked a ton of questions, the young man who I talked to, Jim, was very thorough in answering all my questions, and was able to give me a good estimate of what the cost of dentistry in Mexico would be. Because I could tell that Jim was an American, it gave me a little more confidence to know that an American would be involved in helping me when at the Mexico dentist office. At Sam dental they arranged everything. Someone met me at the San Diego Airport, and took me to the Tijuana dentist office. They also arranged my hotel, and transportation back and forth from the Tijuana dentist clinic. My Mexico dentist, Dr Aylema Rodriguez, was very good. I could tell she really knew her stuff. She was very gentle and did not cause me any discomfort. Sam Dental is a very clean, and modern dental office. I was impressed with how sterile everything appeared. People had warned me about going to a dentist in Mexico, and all I can say that they are ignorant, and have lost out on a lot of savings by listening to false rumors about dentists in Mexico. Also, the best thing is the price of dentistry in Mexico. The initial work, that the US dentist quoted me $28k for, only ended up costing me $7500. My teeth are all fixed, my smile looks great, and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Sam Dental in Tijuana, Mexico.

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