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Advanced Smiles Dentistry

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    1. Business Reply
      Advanced Smiles Dentistry
      February 26, 2016

      Best Dentist ever, they only charge 1/3 of what the U.S. charges. What would’ve cost me thousands in San Diego, they didn’t break my bank account. I love the latest technology… They just finish the work and my mouth ? is still numb & swollen … hahaha… I also have PPO and they helped me with my claim form to get reimbursed…

    2. Business Reply
      Advanced Smiles Dentistry
      September 28, 2015

      I always smiled with my mouth closed because I had abnormal peg teeth in front. I felt very conscious about speaking in public because of them. Because of rising costs of dental services here in the U.S, my parents were unable to have my teeth fixed. I hardly have enough money now for my first round of treatments, which is why I consulted the internet for the best dental clinics in Mexico because they are cheaper. I was the happiest with Advanced Smiles Dentistry Patients reviews, and they deserved the high praises they got! They were affordable, and I was treaded so well, I won’t have second thoughts about coming back for other dental treatments. Now my smiles is so good, I feel like a much better person. Thanks Advanced Smiles Dentistry. Harry Alaska June/5/2015

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    Business Description

    Advanced Smiles Dentistry is a comprehensive dental clinic located in the heart of the amazing Tijuana Baja California, Mexico
    Our goal is to Make you feel at home away from home offering our best facilities, prices, qualified doctors, customer service and quality service.
    We give you a free one on one consultation, Fastlane border crossing, global health care, Effective dental care services at affordable prices, english speaking personnel who have the highest standards in quality and services provided by certified and experience doctors.

    We have top of the line equipment, patients savings from 50% to 70% comparing cost with USA and Canada (depends on the procedure), ll include services (Transportation, Health, dental & Recovery, and also Tourist Services) and Innovative therapies.